Most stories below relate to the spirit and work of Bibles for Mideast. Certain images are merely representational of the accompanying narratives. All our strength and power rests in God alone. Please pray for us!

aPRIL 7, 2017: URGENT: Prayer request for Pastor Paul

April 4, 2017: Despite persecution, more than 3000 former Muslims baptized

March 28, 2017: Miraculously sending His Word, the Lord radically saves Islamic scholar and teacher

March 19, 2017: God restores and redeems: an astounding update of attack on the African church

March 15, 2017: The storms of heaven in Africa: punishment for some, salvation for others

Mar 09, 2017:  ALG Church calls for 21 days fasting and prayer

Mar 05, 2017:  Jesus saves Arab from horrible tragedies, his Christian-hating wife soon to follow

Mar 05, 2017:  Carry and read the Bible as if it were a mobile: Pope Francis

Mar 01, 2017:  Gospel-hating drunkard finds Jesus and escapes disaster

Feb 27, 2017:  Gospel workers miraculously rescued from killer earthquake

Feb 18, 2017:  Murderous fanatic rescued from suicide attempt, his son healed of cancer, and all meet Jesus

Feb 13, 2017:  Jesus and Salvation in Lydia’s West African Town

Feb 09, 2017:  Doctors Confirm Death of Young Lydia … BUT GOD!

Feb 04, 2017:  URGENT CALL TO PRAYER for young Christian victim of female genital mutilation

Jan 31, 2017:  Bibles for Mideast forms Assembly of Loving God (ALG) Church

Jan 26, 2017:  Muslim prison officer dreams of Jesus' Glory and pastors wonderfully released

Jan 19, 2017:  Bibles for Mideast pastors brutally beaten, arrested and thrown in jail

Jan 17, 2017:  Royal Family members believe in Jesus, now face death threats and prison

Jan 14, 2017:  Jesus, You are my Everything

Jan 05, 2017:  End Time prophecy about the Middle East

Dec 30, 2016:  Former radical Hindu man now testifies in most unusual way

Dec 28, 2016:  Lord I can’t even walk…

Dec 27, 2016:  Father Tom Uzhunnalil requests help to save him from terrorists

Dec 26, 2016:  Wonder how the Face of God looks?

Dec 20, 2016:  At the sound of Jesus’ voice, militants toppled, guns blown from their hands

Dec 13, 2016:  Saharan snake bites Muslim woman, Jesus heals, family believes

Dec 11, 2016:   UN Petition from Muslim women seeking ban on female genital mutilation (FGM)

Dec 07, 2016:  41 former Muslims baptised!

Nov 22, 2016:  Guide Us to the Straight Path  (Gospel tract for Muslims)

Nov 19, 2016:  Militants firebomb home of Bibles for Mideast women; two seriously injured

Nov 12, 2016:  Can Jesus Bear Our Burden? (Gospel tract for Muslims)

Nov 11, 2016:  98 Year Old Pastor of Sri Lanka Carrying Lord’s Ministry

Nov 5, 2016:  Islamists march for ouster of Christian Governor in Indonesia

Oct 29, 2016:  Imam Stood Up from Washing Table Before Burial and Witnessing Jesus

Oct 20, 2016:  God Enabled Bibles for Mideast for Baptizing 1268 in Three Days

Oct 10, 2016:  1200 Mideast Muslims Preparing for Baptism

Oct 09, 2016:  Pope Francis and Canterbury Archbishop Justin Want Christian Unity

Oct 02, 2016:  Heavenly dust storm protects newly-baptized from militant gunfire 

Sep 28, 2016:  Christian Teacher Threatened to Kill in Pakistan Unless Convert to Islam

Sep 23, 2016:  Millions of Muslims Tasting Love of Jesus and Embracing Christianity

Sep 15, 2016:  Jesus Cast Out Satan from Muslim Girl, She was Healed and Her Family Believed

Sep 08, 2016:  Testimony of Pastor Paul of the Bibles for Mideast, a former Muslim

Sep 02, 2016:  Drug Addicted Young Muslim meets Jesus and became His Witness

Aug 23, 2016:  It is Five Years the Teenage Sisters Shot Dead for Reading the Bible

Aug 14, 2016:  Snake Goddess Transforms Tongue of the Word of God

Aug 09, 2016:  Jesus Not Allowed That Atheist Go To Hell With Two Eyes

Aug 01, 2016:  Hindu Woman Monk Becomes Bride of Jesus 

July 29, 2016:  Terrorists who abducted Catholic Priest Tom Uzhunnalil arrested

July 25, 2016:  Muslim father kills daughter; Jesus raises her from the dead

July 18, 2016:  Update on 18 were Baptized in the Mideast

July 17, 2016:  18 were baptized in the Mideast

July 13, 2016:  Pastors Stabbed by Muslim Extremist; Jesus Redeemed Him and His Family

July 10, 2016:  Woman of a Royal Family Seen Jesus and Baptized

July 06, 2016:  Reji Joseph, who was abducted in Libya rescued

July 06, 2016:  Hindu Woman Battled Cancer and Skin Disease, Found a ‘Fiery’ Healing in Jesus

July 02, 2016:  Thalaikoothal: A Crude Ritual Practice of Killing Elderly in India

June 30, 2016:  Muslim Father Burns 10 Year Old Son for Accepting Jesus as Lord

June 27, 2016:  Suicide Bomb Kills Six in Lebanese Christian Village

June 20, 2016:   Abducted pastors miraculously rescued from terrorists in Middle East

June 14, 2016:  Missionaries of “Bibles for Mideast” abducted in the Middle East

June 12, 2016:  Bibles for Mideast Pastors brutally attacked; one is critical

June 10, 2016:  Arabs Received Baptism in Middle East

June 07, 2016:  Christian Man and SP’s Wife Slaughtered in Bangladesh by Islamic Extremists

June 02, 2016:  Jesus met a ‘Goonda’ or hired thug in the Morgue 

May 26, 2016:  Sorcerer in India turned to Christ and lives for Him

May 19, 2016:  Middle East Muslim Family Worship Jesus

May 15, 2016Woman from Hindu Priestly family found Jesus and serve Him

May 12, 2016:  Young girl gone through heaven carried by Jesus

May 02, 2016:  Siblings of Hindu Priestly family accept Jesus; under persecution

Apr 25, 2016:  Daughter of Muslim ruler under house arrest for Christian faith

Apr 20, 2016:  Incredible Miracle of a Girl causes Terrorist’s Conversion

Apr 12, 2016:  Terrorist Terrified Seeing Jesus’ Light, Later Became Pastor

Apr 08, 2016:  Missionaries and families wiped out in Central Asia

Apr 05, 2016:  Indian Christian abducted in Libya

Apr 04, 2016:  Bedridden Arab woman stood up by Jesus; family believes

Apr 01, 2016:  Jesus Kept Persecuted Convert From Islam In HIS Palms 

Mar 28, 2016:  Arab Muslim Hears Jesus’ Voice and Accepts Him

Mar 27, 2016:  A Muslim Stabbed to Death For Wishing ‘Happy Easter’

Mar 25, 2016:  Malaysian High Court: A Muslim Has Right to Embrace Christianity

Mar 24, 2016:  Teenager missionary survives three terror bombings

Mar 23, 2016:  Muslim Slaughter of Christians in Asia and Mideast

Mar 22, 2016:  Converted Christian Stabbed to Death in Bangladesh

Mar 20, 2016:  Four Bible Translators Murdered in Middle East

Mar 19, 2016:  2015 Worst Year for Christian Persecution, Report Find

Mar 17, 2016:  Five Days Fasting Prayer (March 21-25)

Mar 14, 2016:  Why not four spouses for Muslim women too?

Mar 12, 2016:  Churches bombed, burned, urinated under Islam

Mar 10, 2016:  Distressing Reports from Mideast

Mar 07, 2016:  Mob vandalises church in Chattisgarh in India

Mar 02, 2016:  Letter from US Lawmakers to the Prime Minister of India on intolerance

Mar 02, 2016:  India: Pentecostal Christians seek protection

Feb 29, 2016:  Christians refuse the story “Hindu” Jesus

Feb 28, 2016:  Muslim Doctor Became Christian, Planting Churches

Feb 27, 2016:  Muslims converting to Christianity in Nigeria, despite brutal persecution

Feb 24, 2016:  Christian Girls Abducted and Forcibly Married to Muslim Men in Pakistan

Feb 23, 2016:  It Depends On Whose Hands

Feb 23, 2016:  When You Worry…..

Feb 23, 2016:  When Someone Ruins Your Life….

Feb 22, 2016:  Messiah in the Books of the Bible

Feb 22, 2016:  Trust in God; And Not In Religion

Feb 22, 2016:  Atheist Professor and A Student

Feb 22, 2016:  Interesting Facts About the Bible