Reji Joseph, who was abducted in Libya rescued

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Reji Joseph and family.

July 6, 2016: Reji Joseph, 43, who was abducted in Libya has been rescued today. The Indian embassy in Libya has confirmed his release. The news has been validated by External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, who posted about the rescue of Reji on social media.

Reji Joseph was working as an IT professional. He was a project staff attached to the CRA (Civilian Registration Authority) in Libya.

Reji Joseph was abducted in March 31, along with three others. The kidnappers are expected to be members of local militant groups of Islam. He was a secret  voluntary minister in Libya for spreading the word of God through "Bibles for Mideast". Almost 97 days he was under the custody of terrorists.

Reji's wife Shinuja is serving as a nurse in Tripoli. They have three girls named Janiya, Joyna and Josiya.

We praise and thank God for the release of Reji Joseph. Also we thank for those who prayed for him, especially who were fasting and praying 100 hours with us for the release of Reji along with pastors Stephen, Samuel and James of the "Bibles for Mideast".  Lord heard our prayers and rescued them all. Praise the Lord ! Amen !! Amen !!!


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