Messiah in the Books of the Bible

By Pastor Paul, Bibles for Mideast

Genesis: The Seed of the Woman
Exodus: The Passover Lamb
Leviticus: The Sanctifier
Numbers: The Guide & The Rock
Deuteronomy: The Prophet
Joshua: The Commander of the Army of the Lord
Judges: The Righteous Ruler
Ruth: The Kinsman-Redeemer
1 Samuel: The Anointed King
2 Samuel: The Son of David
1 Kings: The Wisdom
2 Kings: The Covenant of God
1 Chronicles: The Coming Messiah
2 Chronicles: The Temple
Ezra: The Remnant
Nehemiah: The Mighty Wall
Esther: The Advocate
Job: The Mediator
Psalms: The Lord of David & the Praiseworthy
Proverbs: The treasury of wisdom and knowledge
Ecclesiastes: The provider of Ultimate Satisfaction
Song of Solomon: The Bridegroom
Isaiah: The Arm of the Lord wounded and bruised for our sins
Jeremiah: The Lord our Righteousness and the Balm of Gilead
Lamentations: The Man of Sorrow acquainted with grief
Ezekiel: The true Shepherd
Daniel: The Great Stone
Hosea: The faithful Lover
Joel: The Judge of the Gentiles
Amos: The One who has all authority to judge
Obadiah: The Judge, the Savior and the Possessor
Jonah: The Sign (for death, burial and resurrection)
Micah: The Ruler in Israel
Nahum: The Way of Yahweh
Habakkuk: The Salvation
Zephaniah: The King of Israel
Haggai: The Glory of God
Zechariah: The pierced One
Malachi: The Sun of Righteousness

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Matthew: The Promised Messianic King of Israel
Mark: The Obedient Servant
Luke: The Son of Man
John: The Son of the Living God
Acts of the Apostles: The Resurrected Savior
Romans: The Second Adam, whose substitutionary death justified all who place their faith in HIM
1 Corinthians: The Righteousness, the Sanctification and the Redemption
2 Corinthians: The believer's Comfort and the Triumphant Lord
Galatians: The Liberty
Ephesians: The Head of the Church
Philippians: The Model of true humility
Colossians: The Head of all principality and power
1 Thessalonians: Joyful Hope of Salvation
2 Thessalonians: The Faithful
1 Timothy: The Mediator between God and humanity
2 Timothy: The One who abolished death and brought life
Titus: The Blessed Hope
Philemon: The Benefactor
Hebrews: The High Priest according the order of Melchizedek
James: Lord Jesus Christ
1 Peter: The believer's example
2 Peter: The Source of Full Knowledge
1 John: The Righteous Advocate before the Father
2 John: The Pattern
3 John: The Motivation
Jude: One who is able to keep us from stumbling
Revelation: The Beginning of the Creation of God; The Alpha and the Omega; The Firstborn from the Dead;  The Faithful and True Witness; The Lion of the Tribe of Judah; The Bright and Morning Star; The Amen!