Messiah in the Books of the Bible

Genesis: The Seed of the WomanExodus: The Passover Lamb Leviticus: The Sanctifier Numbers: The Guide & The Rock Deuteronomy: The Prophet Joshua: The Commander of the Army of the Lord Judges: The Righteous Ruler Ruth: The Kinsman-Redeemer 1 Samuel: The Anointed King 2 Samuel: The Son of David 1 Kings: The Wisdom 2 Kings: The Covenant of God 1 Chronicles: The Coming Messiah 2 Chronicles: The Temple Ezra: The Remnant Nehemiah: The Mighty Wall Esther: The Advocate Job: The Mediator Psalms: The Lord of David & the Praiseworthy Proverbs: The Treasury of Wisdom and Knowledge Ecclesiastes: The provider of Ultimate Satisfaction Song of Solomon: The Bridegroom Isaiah: The Arm of the Lord that wounded and Bruised for our Sins Jeremiah: The Lord our Righteousness and the Balm of Gilead Lamentations: The Man of Sorrow Who Was Acquainted With Grief Ezekiel: The True Shepherd Daniel: The Great Stone Hosea: The Faithful Lover Joel: The Judge of the Gentiles Amos: The One who has all Authority to Judge Obadiah: The Judge, the Savior and the Possessor Jonah: The Sign (for the death, burial and the resurrection) Micah: The Ruler in Israel Nahum: The Way of Yahweh Habakkuk: The Salvation Zephaniah: The King of Israel Haggai: The Glory of God Zechariah: The Pierced One Malachi: The Sun of Righteousness -------------------------------------- Matthew: The Promised Messianic King of Israel Mark: The Obedient Servant Luke: The Son of Man John: The Son of the Living God Acts of the Apostles: The Resurrected Savior Romans: Second Adam, whose substitutionary death justified all who place their faith in HIM. 1 Corinthians: The Righteousness, the Sanctification and the Redemption 2 Corinthians: The Believer's Comfort and the Triumphant Lord Galatians: The Liberty Ephesians: The Head of the Church Philippians: The Model of True Humility Colossians: The Head of all Principality and Power 1Thessalonians: Joyful Hope of Salvation 2 Thessalonians: The Faithful 1 Timothy: The Mediator Between God and men 2 Timothy: The One who abolished death and brought life Titus: The Blessed Hope Philemon: The Benefactor Hebrews: The High Priest according the order of Melchizedek James: Lord Jesus Christ 1 Peter: The Believer's Example 2 Peter: The Source of Full Knowledge 1 John: The Righteous Advocate Before the Father 2 John: The Pattern 3 John: The Motivation Jude: One who is able to keep us from stumbling Revelation: The First and the Last; the Amen.


"MESSIAH IN THE BOOKS OF THE BIBLE" is my own findings from each of the books of the bible; but I don't claim it is perfect. Many books portray different views of Messiah.

For example, in the Book of Genesis, we can see Messiah as (1) the Seed of the Woman, (2) the Melchizedek, (3) the Good Brother (Joseph) etc.

Here I have chosen "the Seed of the Woman" only.

Also in the Book of Revelation we see HIM as

(1) the Firstborn from the Dead, (2) the Alfa and the Omega, (3) the Faithful and True Witness, (4) the Beginning of the Creation of God, (5) the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, (6) the Bright and Morning Star, (7) the Amen etc.

I preferred selecting "the Alfa and the Omega & the Amen" only. (PC)