URGENT call to fast and pray for Pastor Paul, director of Bibles for Mideast

The director of Bibles for Mideast is in urgent need of prayer. Pastor Paul had been recovering after skull surgery required for injuries sustained during a stoning by radical militants while officiating at a baptismal service for new believers in early April (Despite persecution, more than 3000 former Muslims baptized).

He was rushed back to hospital Sunday and will likely need another surgery. Doctors have discovered infection within the injured areas of his head, according to Pastor Peter Haneef, President of the ALG Church. He had also been having difficulty breathing.  

The director had been out of hospital for several weeks, first in a secret location with fellow believers (Stoned by terrorists, protected by a lion!) and then back in his home. Pastor Haneef says that at the end of last week, he had even been back to evangelical activities, visiting several homes and preaching in a meeting. More threats on him and his family ensued.

“Since then he was having pain and breathing problems,” Pastor Haneef says. He is calling all the churches of the ALG and believers who care about this ministry to fast and pray for the next three days for Pastor Paul’s recovery and total healing.

“In hospital or anywhere we not safe,” Pastor Paul's wife tells me. “Terrorists are hunting him and our family. He has served the Lord for 42 years and now he needs rest.”

She is hoping that for his health and safety and for the protection of his whole family that when recovered, he focus instead on the prayer aspect of ministry rather than be out in the field. Please pray for protection, wisdom and divine direction for this family.