Terrorist Terrified Seeing Jesus' Light, Later Became Pastor

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Al-Rashid was one of the commanders of a fanatic movement. Their motto was converting everybody to Islam and making all nations under Islamic rules.

While they were seriously working for it, they learnt that many strong Muslims converting to Christianity and spreading the Gospel. So a special group was formed under Rashid and they were appointed either convert those people back to Islam or wipe out from this world.

Rashid voluntarily took the leadership of that wing. Some of their operations were great success.

By this time they found out Pastor Paul, a former Muslim and the group of his ministries boldly evangelizing people, specially Muslims in Asia, Middle East and the third world nations. They were involving with the distribution of Bibles in many languages and forming underground house churches in several places.

Rashid and his terrorist wing wisely prepared a well settled plan to hunt Pastor PC. And they wanted to give him a big shock by destroying his family first and bring him back to Islam by force and make him as a good weapon against Christianity.

They made many attempts.

Rashid himself describes about it:

"We attacked them several times. Miraculously they escaped. Once we went with a plan to kill all of them at night. But we saw there was a number of gunmen around his house. Another time they were in a terrible hunger. From the school going children we know they ate nothing. Children became very week. We send a woman with some adulterous fast food. But on the way a dog has bitten the woman, she injured seriously and could not give fast food to the children," he said.

Another time they send another woman with poisonous chocolate to give his children. They thought his children would die because of chocolate. His boys survived; but they saw his daughter was sinking towards death.

"I was watching with two others with an ambulance nearby the hospital to see his daughters death. Our plan was to kidnap the dead body along with his family in our ambulance. But I saw a ball of light came down from the sky and stood over the room where his daughter was lying unconscious. I saw a hand came out from the ball and stood his daughter up. There was a hole in the middle of that hand and the blood was flowing down. I trembled with fear. I felt giddiness and fallen down. My friends moved me from there at once," Rashid continuing.

"After that I could not sleep. Whenever I was feeling sleepy, at once I was seeing that particular hand which flows blood through a hole. Next night I saw a shadow of a human face appeared behind the hand and asked me that why was I nailing him. I lost my peace. I was afraid to say it to my friends; because they would suspect me and I would be killed."

I had a Bible in my room. Actually I was using its verses for criticizing Christianity and justifying Islam. On that day I found in the Bible “That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not” (John 1:9-10).

“I understood it was about Jesus. And also I agreed that the ball of light came from above to protect the sick girl was Jesus who suffered crucifixion on the cross by nailing His hands and legs”, Rashid said.

Then he approached Pastor Paul with a great burden, and shared everything to him. He thought he would handover him to the police. But pastor embraced Rashid with tears. He said, “when I was an enemy of Jesus Christ, He loved me; He crucified, rose from dead and gave me His life for me. In His love I have to love you, because Christ loves you. I believe Jesus Christ Himself brought you here to share this love and salvation”.

“Jesus is the prince of peace; And He gives you peace. Accept Him as your Savior”, again Pastor said.

"I accepted Lord Jesus as my personal savior, taken baptism, received the gifts of the Holy Spirit and doing evangelizing people through “Bibles for Mideast".

Bibles For Mideast” is distributing Bibles and establishing underground house churches in the entire Middle East. Rashid is one of its leaders and anointed pastor too.

“Thousands of Muslims secretly believing Jesus Christ as their Savior. They don’t have Bibles and the rulers do not allow them to get Bibles. The Bible is totally prohibited in certain countries. But people are so thirsty for the Word of God. We own  Bibles in a secret way and distributing it for free of cost”, Rashid said.

“Many of our team members are converts from Islam to Christianity with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and have good experiences of doing personal evangelism, conducting crusades, and pastoring house churches. Very often they compelled to go for laboring works, earning for their livelihood and for the ministries because of the lack of fund”, he added.

“Most of our locations are highly restrictive. Due to the sensitivity and nature of specific ministries we cannot reveal our exact names and locations”, he continued.

Rashid has got a wife and four children. His wife is involving with his ministries and children are studying.