Everyday prayers to be set free

By Pastor Paul, Bibles for Mideast

Gracious Heavenly Father, cleanse me and set me free today by Your Holy Spirit, in the Mighty and Holy Name of Jesus Christ, I pray.

I.   I, Your faithful child   ___________________ , pray the following over myself and all of my household  ________________ . (Say your own name, for God asked Jacob his name, called Abraham by name as well as Saul, who became the Apostle Paul. You can also name and pray over your specific loved ones.)

2.  Abba Yahweh, I am not worthy to say Your Name in my mouth, but still You loved me, called me by name, saved me from sin and death through Your only begotten Son Christ Jesus.

3.  I love You, confess all my iniquities and commit myself before you in Jesus Christ. 

4.  I cast away all evil and demons from my life, in the name of Christ Jesus. 

5.  I covenant myself to the blood of Jesus Christ. Therefore any contrary covenant in my life now breaks in the name of Christ Jesus.

6.  I soak my blood with the blood of Christ Jesus.

7.  Every generational curse working against me is nullified by the blood of Jesus Christ.

8.  Every satanic manipulation of my destiny is terminated in the name of Christ Jesus.

9.  Lord, deliver me wherever I need deliverance in Jesus Christ.

10.  I commit all of my income and expenditures to be sealed by the blood of Christ Jesus.

11.  I commit my health and life to be sealed by the precious blood of Jesus.

12.  I commit my spouse, children, parents, brothers, sisters, friends, partners, neighbors and all living in my country into the nail-scarred hands of Jesus Christ.13.  I commit the house where I live, the property, and all of my/our household things to be protected by the angels of our Lord Jesus.

13.  I commit the house where I live, the property, and all of my/our household things to be protected by the angels of our Lord Jesus.

14.  I commit our purposes, journeys, businesses and other activities for the glory of Jesus Christ.

15.  Grant me and my beloved the power of healing by the stripes of Christ Jesus.

16.  Every blessing God has purposed for me this year and in the coming years that I have not yet seen I possess NOW  in the name of Jesus Christ.

17.  Abba Father, I commit everyone whom I should remember in my prayers, all who have asked me to pray, and all of their prayer needs to You for Your kind answers  in the mighty name of Christ Jesus.

18.  Abba Yahweh, bless me and my generations indeed as You blessed Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; as You heard Jabez’ prayer and blessed him; as You healed Hezekiah and added more years to his life. God enlarge my borders. Let Your Hand of Might be with me. Keep me from harm in Messiah Yeshua's name.

19.  Heavenly Father, keep the Church, ministries, pastors, ministers, and all believers in Your Hand, that they be always guided by the Holy Spirit in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Protect them from persecutions and show Your love and salvation to those who are persecuting Your Church and children.

20.  Abba Yahweh, let Your peace shower upon Jerusalem and Israel in the name of Messiah Yeshua.

21.  Abba Yahweh, bless all the people in this world. Bless our leaders, bless our nations, bless the entire globe that all would come to experience the salvation of Jesus Christ who alone was crucified on the cross for all our sins, and who died and rose from the dead to give us eternal life.

22.  Heavenly Father, allow me not to be ashamed by unbelievers and scoffers. Help them and lead them into understanding and accepting Your eternal love.

23.  God Almighty, bless all the angels, bless the seas, bless each and every star in the sky, all of the planets and satellites, bless the Milky Way and the whole universe with all of Your Creation that the entire universe be filled with your peace and glory in Christ Jesus!

24.  Lord JESUS, give us hope that we will surely meet you on that Great and Wonderful Day and will be with You in Heaven as Your Bride forever and ever.

25.  Lord, let Your will be done for me and all of these requests in the name of the FATHER and of the SON and of the HOLY SPIRIT. Amen!

Note: Feel free to print this out, pray every day , and share with your prayer partners.
Also please remember me, my family, the ministries of Bibles for Mideast, the Assembly of Loving God Church, its pastors, ministers and believers in your daily prayers.

With love, prayers and shalom, in Jesus’ mighty name,
Pastor Paul, Director of Bibles for Mideast