Drug Addicted Young Muslim meets Jesus and became His Witness

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Sameer  was born and brought up in a fanatic Muslim family. He strictly followed the practices of Islam.

Whenever he was doing namaz (namaz is the ritual prayers prescribed by Islam to be observed five times a day), he was reciting Du’a (personal supplication) too. He used to say in his Du’a, “I am facing so many problems in my own personal life and family life. I do not know how to overcome it.   Please hear my prayer, answer me and help me to come out from all my troubles”.

When  he was in late twenties, he found his problems were not decreasing; but more increasing. He felt mental agony and it lead him to the mental depression. He hated life. Suicidal attempt  and angriness  were consumed in his mind. He lost sleep. Friends prescribed and supplied him “Mandrax” tablet,  crushed and mixed with Dagga to  smoke in a Dagga pipe. Slowly it was not enough to get sleep and began to inject it.  And he became a complete drug addict and alcoholic.

Drugs were the name of the game and it seemed to help until the tolerance built up and he was looking for the next fix. A life of drugs, alcohol, and girls was covering the problem of depression. Although it masked the feelings of emptiness, deep inside it was still there. Wherever he went or whatever he did depression was following closely.

One day Sameer’s heart was broken because of a bad relationship with a vulgar woman. He thought he is not capable to continue this life. He decided to commit suicide. And he climbed on a tree with a rope for hanging himself.

Few yards away there was a gospel convention was going on. Pastor Paul of the “Bibles for Mideast” (http://bibles4mideast.com),  was preaching. In his message Sameer was heard through the loud speaker, “O the man who are going to commit suicide, you don’t have to die, for our Lord Jesus Christ  crucified and died for you and granted  you peace and life.   He died as a ransom for your sins and raised from dead to  glorify you as His child. If you believe in Jesus you will be saved from sin, iniquities and all of your problems”.

It strikes in his heart.  He turned back from the decision of ending his life.  He moved to the convention ground.

People became afraid of seeing Sameer. Because he was fully alcoholic and also holding a rope in one of his hands. Secondly, he is a fanatic muslim and the one who is preaching the gospel is a converted Christian from Islam. So people thought he is coming to attack the preacher. Somebody tried to rescue the preacher. But preacher asked him to come to the platform.

Sameer explained what was happened and asked for prayers. Pastor told him more about Jesus and Sameer knelt down before the Lord.  There were some other pastors too along with Pastor Paul. They all put their hands together on Sameer’s head and prayed.

While they were praying over him, Sameer had a  Vision that he was like a sheep attacked by wild animals and held among the thorns in a jungle. He thought his life is going to end. Suddenly  Jesus appeared like a shepherd, saved him from wild animals, took out from the thorns and carried him  in His shoulder. Then Jesus walked a long distance and  kept him in a fold of sheep inside of a beautiful and strong fence.  Jesus said to him, "You are my child. I have marked you upon my palms as your savior. Be my witness"

He  cried out to God, "Lord I accept you as my savior. I will be your witness".

Within few days he was baptized. Now he is witnessing our Lord Jesus Christ as an evangelist of “Bibles for Mideast”.