Jesus Kept Persecuted Convert From Islam In HIS Palms


Picture: Maheen* with Bibles for distribution.

Maheen* had always been an observant Muslim. He was given a Bible by a team of Free Bible distribution and Underground House Church.  He took it home and just kept in his room, but did not care about it.

Maheen* went to sleep at night. An angel came to him, touched his shoulder and said, “Read Acts 26:23 from the Holy Scripture which you received.”  He thought it was a strange dream and went back to sleep.

A short time later, the angel touched his shoulder again – this time more firmly — and said, “Get up and read Acts 26:23 from the Bible. It is a verse for you.”

Still groggy and half-asleep, it was difficult for Maheen to process what happened. He decided to ignore the unusual dream and go back to sleep.

A third time the angel appeared while Maheen slept. This time, the angel nudged him strongly and said, “Get up and read the Bible as I said.”

This time, Maheen bolted out of bed, frantically grabbed his new Bible, and began to read from the Book of Acts: “That the Christ was to suffer, and that by reason of His resurrection from the dead He should be the first to proclaim light both to the Jewish people and to the Gentiles.” (Acts 26:23)

The striking visitation, the power of God’s Word, and the Holy Spirit brought Maheen to his knees. He acknowledged his sins before God and accepted Jesus as his Savior and Lord.

Maheen* became a strong believer in Jesus Christ. But his wife Muneera* did not believe in Jesus Christ. Maheen tried to convince her several times about the need of the Salvation, and also the importance of reading and meditating the Bible, the Word of God. But Muneera did not even listen him because she was influenced by her brother Siddhiq*, who is an extremist, working in Saudi Arabia.

Maheen was baptized. Actually he was waiting for the baptism for a long time, because he wanted his wife Muneera to be baptized with him. Finally he alone decided to take baptism.

Muneera informed this to her brother and immediately he landed from Saudi Arabia. He wanted Maheen to confess back to Islam. He tried to carry him to Saudi Arabia by offering a great position. Also he offered a big house and its property as Maheen's own. But he thoroughly said, "Lord Jesus is far... and very far above than any of the offers of this world. I may be killed, but I will never deny Jesus, for He is my Lord and Savior who granted me eternal life."

This provoked Siddhiq and his gang. They brutally beaten him in front of his wife and locked him in a dark room. They did not provide him proper food and facilities. They did not even allow his wife to see him at all. 17 days he was locked in the dark room.

Everybody thought Maheen will be changed his decision and come back to Islam. But they found he is becoming stronger in the faith of Jesus day by day. So they took a decision to save Muneera from her husband by killing him.

For her it was a shock. Because she never expected such a thought of killing would come from her brother and father. She personally prayed God, the Almighty. While she was praying she saw Heaven and Lord Jesus is sitting on the thrown. Maheen is at the palm of His right hand, praising Him alongwith the angels and washing human souls by the blood which flows like a beautiful stream from the heart of Jesus Christ. Muneera tried to reach Maheen, but she could not. Because there was a big gap in between Heaven and Muneera. In fact, she had seen a bridge in the shape of a Cross over the gap; but it was taken back to heaven when she attempted to enter in it. That's why she could not go to heaven.

Muneera confessed with tears, accepted Lord Jesus as her Savior and prayed for Maheen not to have any harm.

Then she telephoned the leader of the Free Bible distribution team and Underground Church of which Maheen was given the Bible and was attending for the worship service.  She explained him all the details. Leader was also a convert from Islam facing such kind of experiences. He reached the place and met the believers first. There were few Christian believers who were converted from Islam. They prayed together and approached a politician. By his help they met a senior police officer and the police forcely released Maheen from the dark room.

At the same evening, a mob gathered with weapons under the leadership of Siddhiq to attack the church leader. Immediately, some of the local people, who are secretly believing Jesus Christ did hide him from the spot to another house. He believes that he was protected by God because of the prayers of the children of God.

Now Maheen and Muneera have two children. A boy and a girl. They are involving in the Gospel work with “Bibles For Mideast”, distributing Bibles freely and establishing house churches in the Middle East.

There are thousands of secret believers in the Middle East. They are thirsty for the Word of God. “Bibles For Mideast”  is an underground ministry distributing Bibles freely and establishing house churches over there. Approximately 500 million is the middle east population and we pray to our Lord to supply enough Bibles.

“It is a great task. We work very secretly. We worship secretly. We collect Bibles for distribution also in a secret way. We are in need of supports, but we don’t get it. So very often we go for laboring works and earn for our lives and for the team”, Maheen and Muneera said.



--- (*) Names are not real for security reasons