Hindu Woman Monk Becomes Bride of Jesus

chandra devi

Picture: Chandra Devi with the Bible

Report: bibles4mideast.com

Chandra Devi was a Hindu woman monk. (Chandra Devi means "goddess of moon"). Her original name was Chandrika.

Chandrika was one of the leaders of singing Hindu devoted songs (bhajan) in temples since childhood.

At the age of 17 she saw the Lord Sun in her bedroom and called to follow him. From that day onwards she became more devote of Hindu deities, poojas and other traditions. Slowly she became a monk and made her home as her monastery. She herself declared that she is Chandra Devi (goddess of Moon), the wife of the Lord Sun.

Once she happened to meet some evangelists of Pastor Paul’s Mission (presently “Bibles for Mideast”) and she had an argument with them. She did not deny Jesus, but her argument was Jesus is one among many thousands of gods; but not a savior.

Evangelists shared the Gospel and said thoroughly that Jesus is the only person who came down from heaven to earth and saved all the mankind from sin and death through the crucifixion of the cross on Calvary and risen from the dead. Those who believe in Him will be saved and enter the Kingdom of Heaven. But she did not listen them at all.

At the age of 33 she again saw a vision about heaven and Lord Jesus sitting on the throne like thousands and ten thousands of suns shining together. She saw Jesus as Bridegroom and His church as ever beautiful Bride sitting at His right and worshipping Him with a great joy. She had never seen such a joy.

And again Chandra Devi saw that an angel came to her and said that when you were young, Jesus  was the one appeared unto you and called you to be His bride. He is the Sun of Righteousness and you are His bride.

She believed in Jesus and next day itself she attended Pastor Paul's gospel crusade and asked him a Bible for her. Few days later, she received water baptism and Lord Himself anointed her with the Holy Spirit.

She is conveying Gospel to many unsaved people through Bibles for Mideast.