Hindu woman monk becomes part of the bride of Christ!

Chandrika, dedicated to Hinduism from a young age, had led in the singing of devotional Hindu songs (bhajan) since a girl.

At the age of 17, a bright being she believed must be the Hindu Lord Sun appeared to her in her bedroom, calling her to follow him. From that day onwards she devoted herself to the many Hindu deities, performed the ritual home worship ceremonies called poojas and other traditional Hindu rites. Eventually she became a monk, turning her home into a monastery. She declared herself to be Chandra Devi, ‘goddess of the Moon’ (its literal meaning) and wife of the Lord Sun.

One day she happened to meet some evangelists working with Bibles for Mideast. When they attempted to share the Gospel with her, she didn’t deny Jesus, but argued that Jesus was simply one of many thousands of gods and certainly not a savior!

The evangelists gently told her that no one, no being, but Jesus had come down from heaven to earth with the mission to save all humanity from sin and death. He did this through his love, his crucifixion on the cross of Calvary and his resurrection from the dead. Those who believe in Him will be saved and enter the Kingdom of Heaven, they assured her. But she refused to take them seriously.

Then, at the age of 33, Chandra had another dramatic vision. This time she saw heaven and the Lord Jesus sitting on the throne. He appeared as bright as thousands and tens of thousands of suns all shining together, she says. She then saw Jesus as Bridegroom, and His church as the ever-beautiful Bride sitting at His right and worshipping Him with great joy. She had never witnessed such joy!

Chandra Devi recieving her new Bible

Chandra Devi recieving her new Bible

Not long afterwards, she says an angel visited her and told her that when she was young, Jesus had been the one who appeared to her and called her to be His bride.

“He is the Sun of Righteousness and you are His bride,” the angel said.

Her doubts about Jesus as savior vanished. The very next day she attended a gospel crusade being led by Pastor Paul and afterwards, telling him her story, she asked for a Bible. Several days later she received water baptism and the Lord Himself anointed her with the Holy Spirit.

Working alongside Bibles for Mideast, Chandra now conveys the Gospel to many unsaved people in her area. Please pray for her and the continuing work of the ministry.