Woman from Hindu Priestly family found Jesus and serve Him

by Mercy Ciniraj (report from Bibles for Mideast for gos2amen) antharjanam1

Picture above: Elamma Antharjanam receives Bible from Mercy Ciniraj for further distribution among Hindus.

This is Elamma Antharjanam. She was born and brought up in a Hindu Brahmin (priestly) family in India. Her childhood name was Saraswathi Antharjanam. Her father Subrahmanyan Namboothiri was a main tantri or poojari (head priest) of around 250 temples. Her mother was Savithri Antharjanam. Brahmin women are called by name as Antharjanam. It means A woman who stays within the house.

Subrahmanyan Namboothiri and Savithri Antharjanam got married when they were children (child marriage was commonly done at that time). But they had no children. After 30 years of their marriage they got a girl child. That was Saraswathi, later became Elamma Antharjanam.

Saraswathi was very fanatic in her religion. She used to take up very early in the morning, take bath from the temple pool and doing worship (poojas) before the idols at the temple. When she was an young girl, she was applied a tattoo in her hand according Hindu deities, which can be seen till today.

Also she was a severe Asthmatic patient since her childhood.  She suffered a lot due to the Asthma. Poojas as well as the treatments and medicines did not give her good result.

One day a woman named Kamalamma, a Hindu Nair lady, who became Christian and suffering persecution from her husband and the community offered her prayers for the teenaged girl Saraswathy. She first refused the offer of her prayers; because she found her not as a good woman because of changing her religion from Hinduism to Christianity.

But her wheezing was increased due to the Asthmatic attack and she lost the power of breathing and was hospitalized. When Kamalamma visited her at the hospital she herself asked her to pray for her.

While Kamalamma prayed over her, she saw a man with a small lamb on the left shoulder and a stick on the right hand standing in front of her. With a smile, he gently moved His hands over her head. He said, “Believe me my daughter. I am your Lord. Their sorrows shall be multiplied that hasten after another god” (Ps 16:4). After that she got a big relief.

At once Saraswathy confessed all her sins and accepted Lord Jesus as her personal savior and Lord. And she was totally healed from Asthma.

She surrendered herself before the Lord and received baptism. By baptism she was named as “Elamma Antharjanam”. She had to face many persecutions from her family and community. Finally she was driven out from the family. She married with a Christian man named Jacob and both were doing Lord’s ministry. Recently her husband entered into the glory and now she continuing Lord’s ministry with Gospel to Asia and Middle East Nations (gos2amen), which is an associate ministries of Bibles for Mideast.


Picture: see a Hindu tattoo in her hand which was fixed before her conversion.


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