A gracious life, well-lived and perfectly ended

Pastor Paul (Director, Bibles for Mideast)
Pastor Peter Haneef (President, ALG Churches)

Mrs. Grace Perry (84), the beloved mother of our sister Susanna Perry-Ettel of Bibles for Mideast, entered into the heavenly abode. She was, till her last breath, an active joyful woman of strong faith, full of love and laughter.  One of her common 'admonitions' to her children as kids was, "If you have nothing to good to say about someone, don't say anything at all." She constantly would find something to praise and/or encourage in even the most difficult people, Susanna recollects.

We, Bibles for Mideast and the Assembly of Loving God Church share our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. May our Risen Lord comfort and console them in this time.

Here is the message she posted (with her three brothers) on Facebook:



It is with great sadness we share the news of the sudden passing of our beloved mother, Grace Perry. It has come as a shock since despite her age, she was extremely fit and active up until what appears to have been a heart attack. Here one minute busily sweeping up after dinner, gone the next when she stepped out to dump the dust bin.

We were all gathering together at our [my and my husband’s] Haliburton home for our first whole family reunion in a number of years. So it's a tremendous blessing we're all together to support each other and our father, John. For that I am beyond amazed and thankful. I see God’s Hand orchestrating it all.

Mom/Grace had been a central pillar in our immediate family, our extended family, as well as an active golfer, bridge player, church goer, always volunteering in her Pittsburgh church and community helping those less fortunate. She will be SO greatly missed.