Christian teacher in Pakistan threatened with death unless he converts to Islam

Moosa with his family

Moosa with his family

Report: Bibles for Mideast

Moosa, 42, has for years been a teacher in Pakistan, helping his students learn English and Urdu. He also teaches Social Studies, along with the compulsory Islamic studies. Recently however, the government made the teaching of the Koran and Islamic prayers in schools mandatory as well.

Certain fundamentalist teachers of Islam have used this as an opportunity to inject hatred towards Christians, Hindus and other minorities into the minds of young learners. They have been teaching the children terms such as ‘kafir’—a derogatory expression for anyone not believing in Islam, as well as encouraging them to believe people of other faiths are spies of Israel, America and India.  

“From the primary classes, children are learning to fight against other religions and practice terrorism,” Moosa reports to Bibles for Mideast. “The process is easy to abuse and permits fanatical religious zealots to inculcate vulnerable young minds with their evil ideology.”

As Christians, he and his family have found themselves under increasing persecution by Islamic extremists—including threats of death.

When Moosa reported the threats to the school’s head master, things only got worse. A Muslim teacher came into his classroom shortly afterwards, called him “a son of a pig” (a terrible insult in the Islamic world) and then beat him up in front of his students.

He was again threatened with death if he dared challenge the content of Islamic and Koranic classes. Even the children have been encouraged to shout abuse and spit at him.

Extremists attacked and beat him one recent evening.

“Either convert to Islam and teach the children Islamic sharia, or get ready to die with your family and your hated religion,” they yelled at him. He reported to us with tears he had found human excrement from many people right at his doorstep.

Moosa and his family seek the sincere prayers of the children of God. Please pray for him and for the whole difficult situation in Pakistan­­—that all would come to faith in Jesus as the only way to God.