Christian Teacher Threatened to Kill in Pakistan Unless Convert to Islam


Moosa and family


Moosa, 42, a Christian as well as teacher in a school in Pakistan. He and his family is under severe persecution and threatened to kill by Islamic fanatics.

“Either convert to Islam and teach the children Islamic sharia or get ready to die with your family with your hated religion”, fanatics charged blasphemy against him and gave him final warning.

Moosa was working in a school and taken classes in English, Urdu and social studies. And the Islam was also a subject for every teachers to teach the pupils. Recently government made changes to the school syllabus and teachers manual  for compulsory teaching of the Koran and Islamic prayers.

Certain fundamental teachers of Islam took this opportunity to inject hatred mentality to the children about Christians, Hindus and other minority people. They were teaching derogatory terms like :kafir”, which means infidel against Christians and also telling them that they are the spies of Israel, America and India.

“From the primary classes children are learning to fight against other religions and practicing terrorism”, Moosa reports to “Bibles for Mideast ( “The process is easy to abuse and permits fanatical religious zealots to inculcate vulnerable young minds with their evil ideology”, he added.

He reported to  the head master, but reaction was very bad. A Muslim teacher came into his classroom, calling him “son of pig” (it’s very worst vulgar word to call someone)   and beat him up in front of his students.

He was threatened with death if he continued to speak out anything about the content of Islamic and Koranic classes.

Since then children have also been encouraged to shout abuse and spit at him.

He was beaten again by some other people at night. With tears he said that he found human excrement from many people in front of his door.

Later people asked him either convert to Islam or getting ready to die with your family with your hated religion.

Moosa and family seeks sincere prayers from the children of God.