Arab Muslim Hears  Jesus' Voice and Accept Him

mideast “I know Jesus loves me and crucified for me to give me eternal life. So I too love Him and accepted Him as my personal savior and Lord”,  Al-Thoufeeqi* of 26 years old, who was born and brought up in an Arab Muslim family of Middle East, shared his testimony in an underground church of Bibles For Mideast during the fasting prayer on March 21 to 25, 2016.

Al-Thoufeeqi* shared his testimony: ---

“I was a strong Muslim, part of a strong Muslim family. I was practicing Islam. I was doing Namaz (five times prayer and worship), use to read the Qur’an, doing 30 days fasting during the month of Ramadan, giving Zakat (compulsory giving of a set proportion of one's wealth to charity to the poor),  and went to Mecca for Hajj and became Haji. But none of these did not increase my spirituality, did not give joy or peace to my inner mind.

Though I was practicing Islam correctly, I used to drink alcoholic items with my friends for company sake, smoking cigarettes and illegal relationships with women. Let me say frankly that many of my friends (even elder people) in the Middle East and Africa involving with this in their life.

This made me disappointed. I felt I am ugly and full of sin. Also I felt all the world is  hanging with sin and corruption. I became depressed.

Once, when I was riding my car, I was happened to see a Christian channel in my car TV. In which a pastor was talking about Jesus as the Lord and Savior. I had known Christ as a prophet and a good man, so I thought the pastor was preaching the wrong message and leading people astray, which made me really angry.

But the wrong message also led me into deep thought. I was thinking that I was doing my best for God. But there is no relationship between God and me. I was feeling that there was something wrong in it all.

So I tried to listen the Gospel whenever I feel. And one thing it struck that God wants to be my friend and is interested in the details of my daily life, just like a father and his son.

And I was eager to get a Bible. Lord Jesus miraculously  led the team of bibles4mideast to me and they donated a Bible.

I  prayed to God, “please just show me which way is true, the Qur’an or the Bible.”

Something unusual happened that night.

I went to sleep and I heard a voice wake me up and call my name: ‘I'm coming back soon. Go and tell others.’

I woke up and looked around. No one was in the room, so I went to sleep again. The same thing happened three times that night. The last time I heard a huge voice, shaking the room, and I woke up. I was scared and felt for the first time the presence of the Lord on me. It was very majestic and fearful, yet very sacred and solemn. I saw a huge light in the room, which I couldn't look at, and the voice told me again, ‘I am Jesus.  I'm coming back soon to pick up my bride; Go and tell others.’

When I accepted that, I said, ‘Amen.’  Because of that meeting with the real, living God, my life was changed once and for all. I became someone else. I found in my heart joy, peace, and extraordinary love for people. Everything changed in my life.”

Dozens of believers and seekers from Islam attended for the fasting prayer. It was a great blessing.

Emad Al-Abdy, who was a Muslim in Saudi Arabia, converted to Christianity. Kuwaiti royal prince Abdullah al Saba declared his faith in Jesus Christ. Thousands upon thousands believing Jesus Christ in the entire Middle East. They are thirsty for the Word of God. Bibles For Mideast  is an underground ministry distributing Bibles and establishing house churches over there. Approximately 500 million is the middle east population and we pray to our Lord to supply enough Bibles.


Name is not real for security reasons (*)