Bibles for Mideast Pastors brutally attacked; one is critical

Report from Bibles for Mideast pastors brutally attacked by a group of Muslim extremists on Sunday evening, the 12th of June, 2016 in the Middle East. Three are hospitalized and out of one is critical.

There were two young pastors named Stephan and Samuel and an evangelist named James were going back to their shelter after a prayer service. On the way they met somebody on the road and talking him about Jesus Christ under a street light by  holding Bibles and explaining with its verses.

At once the extremists jumped out on the pastors from a dark corner and brutally beaten them with iron pipes.  The attackers were shouting the slogans of Thakbir “Allahu Akbar”, and telling themselves “kill them”, when they were beating the pastors. They teared and thrown out the Bibles.

Suddenly few people came by a bus stopped at them and fought with the attackers. And the attackers have to run away from the spot. Bus travelers themselves took the pastors and evangelist and admitted them into the hospital. James is in critical situation.

Just on Friday twelve believers from five Arab families were baptized in this place. On Sunday they were having worship service and the Lord’s Supper. Extremists attacked them when the pastors return back home.

  • Their names are not according the official records, but given by the Holy Spirit through the baptism. Please pray for them.