Bibles for Mideast missionaries brutally attacked; one in critical condition

(June 13, 2016) Three young Bibles for Mideast missionaries were brutally attacked by a group of Muslim extremists yesterday evening in the Middle East. Returning home after Sunday services, they had stopped to share the gospel with someone standing under a street light.

Terrorists jumped from the darkness and beat the men with iron pipes, shouting “Allahu Akbar” and “kill them” in Arabic [‘Allahu Akbar’ is the Arabic phrase which translates directly as ‘Allah is Greater’ but is often mistranslated as ‘God is great’—Ed.]. All men have been hospitalized, one in critical condition.

Had it not been for passersby on a bus, the men may well have been killed. Passengers jumped out and fought the attackers, causing them to flee. The travellers then took the three men—Pastors Stephan and Samuel and evangelist named James—to hospital, with James the most critically injured.

The Friday before, 12 new believers from five Arab families had been baptized and on the Sunday had been worshipping and celebrating the Lord’s Supper.

Please pray for them. 


UPDATES!  Missionaries of Bibles for Mideast abducted in the Middle East
Abducted missionaries miraculously rescued from terrorists in Middle East!