Middle East Muslim Family Worship Jesus

arabwomen Report: Bibles for Mideast  (http://bibles4mideast.com)

I am Majida (not real name for the security reasons). I belong to a prominent family in the Middle East. We were proud of our family and our religion of Islam. Our  house itself has a Majlis (a place of sitting, mainly front portion of the house, using for various types of special gatherings in connections with Islam).  And our entire family has our own Masjid too (Mosque). It is because of the quoting of Hadith Al-Bukhari  “Whoever builds a mosque for the sake of Allah, Allah will reward that person with a place in Paradise,” our family built a mosque.

I was very particular in practicing Islam, such as doing namaz in five times a day, reciting Koran, thirty days fasting in the month of Ramzan, giving zakath (alms to the poor and needy). Women of our house  were strict to wear the traditional clothe “abaya” with full head and face covering.

Though these are our religious background in my family, but don’t think man members were following all religious rules. My father and brothers had many friends who were alcoholic.

In my country, people of other religions except Muslims get permit to buy and use alcoholic liquors. Recently I learnt that the source of income of one of the emirates is selling alcoholic drinks which is forbidden by our religion.

My father was addicted to drugs and various kinds of bad habits. Very often he invited non-muslim friends and drinking with them at our majlis. And my brothers also taking alcohol and drugs. There was never peace at our home.

And my mother was suffering from breast cancer and she could not sleep because of pain. I too had a large blister on my leg, which was not cured.

Once my father happen to meet a Christian pastor, who was from “Bibles for Mideast”. My father tried to explain him about Islam, Koran and Hadith. Pastor showed interest to listen his words and also conveyed the message of Gospel. By this way they became friends. Whenever they meet together, pastor used to give my father Christian leaflets. It was all about the Way, the Truth, the Life, the Light, the real freedom, the Peace and the Prince of Peace.

My father put those tracts on the table. I was interested to read them.

In one of the tracts I read, “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed” (John 8:36). It was explained that Son is Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who is able to free from sin, free from sick, free from fear and free from death.

That strike me. I read it several times. I was sitting in a chair and thinking on it. I fallen sleepy. I saw Jesus came to me, he lifted my lower jaw and said with a smile, “I am your Savior. I love you, Follow me. My grace is sufficient for you: for my strength is made perfect in weakness”. Suddenly I opened my eyes. There was nobody. But I felt a real peace in my mind.  And I found my uncured blister on my leg was disappeared.

Secretly I approached the pastor. He gave me a Bible and told me about the salvation. I accepted Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior and Lord. And I asked him to pray for the healing of my mother and the deliverance of my family members.

When I came back home I found my mother was sleeping well without taking any sleeping capsules. When she woke up, she said a man from heaven came with many angels and touched her and told her to heal. There was nailed marks in His hands.

I told her about Jesus and she accepted Him as her savior. When the doctor checked, he was wondering about her healing, and boldly I told him that it is Jesus who healed her.

I asked my father and brothers to attend three days prayer meeting of “Bibles for Mideast”. It is an underground house church. So very secretly we all went to attend the prayer service. My father and brothers stopped all bad habits. All of my family members believing in Jesus Christ. We together praying at home and reading the Bible.

What a peace in the hearts and at home when Jesus comes in the lives! Daily I see Jesus as a living person to whom I can tell everything of my life.   I have no words to narrate the miracles we see daily in our lives ever since our friendship with Jesus. He alone is God. All praise and glory to Him alone.

Pray for us to stand stable in this precious faith as we are preparing for baptism.


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