Muslim Father Burns 10 Year Old Son for Accepting Jesus as Lord

Report: Bibles for Mideast. A Muslim father tied up his own 10 year old son and burned him up in Uganda for accepting Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and Lord. Missionaries of the Bibles for Mideast  reported Pastor Paul, its Director, who is a converted Christian from Islam.

Boys name is Nassif. His father did not give him food and water for three days and asked him to deny Jesus. and recite fifth kalima. Fifth kalmia is “Astagfar”, which is the words of seeking forgiveness. But the boy was bold enough for the faith in Jesus Christ.

Nassif himself says, "My father locked me in a room for three days. Then he started beating me up with sticks, but I managed to escape to a nearby bush. But he followed me with wild anger and caught me back to the homestead. There he tied me up at a banana tree. And he went inside the house and return back with a piece of strong wood and beaten me again. Then he fired the banana tree which had dry leaves. It caught fire and caused serious burns on my body."

Neighbors rescued the boy and delivered him to a nearby hospital where he is recovering.

Nassif used to attend the worship service at a church in another village. He accepted Jesus as his personal savior and Lord just two months ago in that church.

The pastor of that church said, " Nassif remained behind and then followed me to the pastry room at the end of the service and personally requesting me that he wants to have the experience of salvation.," Pastor of that church said to the missionaries of Bibles for Mideast.

"I was a bit hesitant, but after his continuous request, I then prayed with him, and he left," he added. "I am a pastor. If anybody approach me to have salvation, I will teach him and pray for him. Lord Jesus is winning that soul," he continued.

"There are Christians and Muslims in Uganda. The main point of contention between Muslims and Christians is that Muslims are yet to embrace the reality of freedom of worship or coexistence. But Muslims always think that any person who doesn't believe like them is an enemy who deserves to be killed,"  Evelyn Mulinde, who also converted from Islam told.