Muslim man starves and burns 10-year-old son for accepting Jesus as Lord

Report: Bibles for Mideast

Bible for Mideast missionaries in Uganda report that a Muslim man in their area, furious that his 10-year-old son had become a Christian, practically killed the boy in an attempt to force him to give up his new faith.

The father first refused young Nassif food or water for three days. He then insisted the child both deny Jesus and recite the Islamic ‘fifth kalima’, which are words seeking forgiveness of Allah [apparently Muhammad recited this, also known as  Astagfar, at least 100 times a day—Ed.]

But the boy boldly held onto his faith in Jesus Christ.

"My father locked me in a room for three days,” Nassif told the missionaries. “Then he started beating me with sticks. I managed to escape to a nearby bush, but he followed me with wild anger and brought me back to the homestead. There he tied me up to a banana tree. He went back into the house and came out with a bigger piece of wood and beat me again. Then he set fire to the banana tree, which was full of dry leaves. That caused serious burns on my body."

Neighbors rescued the boy and delivered him to a nearby hospital, where he is recovering.

Nassif used to attend worship services at a church in another village. He had accepted Jesus as his personal savior and Lord only two months there, the church’s pastor told the missionaries.

"Nassif remained behind at the end of the service one day, and then followed me to the pastry room,” he explained. “He told me he wants to have the experience of salvation."

"I was a bit hesitant, but after he asked repeatedly I then prayed with him, and he left," he remembers. "I am a pastor. If anyone approaches me wanting salvation, I will teach that person and pray for them. It’s the Lord Jesus who is winning that soul."

Uganda children safe in a Christian mission. Children are also persecuted for their faith.

Uganda children safe in a Christian mission. Children are also persecuted for their faith.

Evelyn Mulinde, another convert from Islam, gave her take on the issues in her country.

"There are Christians and Muslims in Uganda,” she says. “The main point of contention between Muslims and Christians is that Muslims have yet to embrace the reality of freedom of worship or coexistence. Muslims always think that any person who doesn't believe like them is an enemy who deserves to be killed." 

Please pray for Nassif, his family, and the whole situation in Uganda.