41 Former Muslims Received Baptism

bap3 Report:  bibles4mideast.com

By God’s grace, 41 former muslims received baptism in the Middle East on December 7, 2016.

Bibles for Mideast” (http://bibles4mideast.com) conducted baptism ceremony. It was done in a highly restricted area.

The organization had been planning to have a mass baptism for all of them together. And they reached in a bus at a seashore early in the dawn of a day, but found a tight police patrolling in that area.

“We smelled a dangerous situation at the seashore, so we returned back and spent time with fasting and prayer one more day. Then we divided the people into three groups and conducted the service in three different places on the next day”, Pastor Paul, the Director of the organization said.

All of the baptism candidates requested personally to the leaders of “Bibles for Mideast” to have baptism.

They all accepted Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior and Lord. They fully believe that Lord Jesus Christ crucified and died on the Calvary and resurrected from the dead for their own sin. By His blood they got redemption. So they wanted to be purified in the Spirit and the Water to  get ready to meet Jesus Christ – the Bridegroom, who is coming in the clouds soon to take His Bride.  Our Lord’s return is imminent, they all believe.

Bibles for Mideast conducted a five days global fasting prayer on November 30 to December 4. The baptism candidates participated five days fasting prayer to prepare themselves for the baptism service. But they have to had one more day for fasting prayer before their baptism.

The organization had a special meeting on December 5 to take certain decisions for the growth of the church in Asia, Africa and Middle East among Muslims.

There are nearly 150 underground house churches worshiping the Lord in different areas under the directorship of the Bibles for Mideast.

Pastor Paul said in his inaugural address that all of the house churches must come under a separate church administration. And also he said every church must become self-supported and missionary sending churches. The meeting seriously discussed about it and appointed a sub-committee for further action.

Bibles for Mideast is not a church, but it is a missionary organization to spread the gospel, distribute the Bibles and establishing churches. So all the churches need a spate administration and curriculum.

Pastor Paul also strongly instructed  all the churches to give one Bible each to every believers as Christmas and New Year gift. But they must present that Bible to one of their best Muslim friends as their own Christmas and New Year  gift with the message of salvation. Through this way we can win others to Christ as well as  train our believers as missionary minded people and the church as missionary church.