Bibles for Mideast pastors brutally beaten, arrested and thrown in jail


Police forced themselves into a room today as two Bibles for Mideast pastors were teaching the Bible to two new believers. After brutally beating the four, they took them into custody.

The brand-new Christians had begun attending worship services at a Middle Eastern underground church two months ago. Now firm believers, they were readying themselves for baptism.

As one pastor attempted to speak to the officers, they retaliated by punching him in the face, bloodying his nose and breaking several teeth. He fell to the ground, blood spewing from his nose and mouth. They continued their assault with kicks with boots to his stomach and cruelly thrashed the other three as well.

From there the police took them to a Sharia court, where they were sentenced to a jail run by secret police. This particular jail has a dire reputation for its harsh mistreatment of prisoners.

Bibles for Mideast is calling on all of our fellow believers for 100 hours of prayer and fasting, for our Lord to mightily protect and deliver the four men. Please join us in prayer for all ministries, ministers and believers in the Middle East.

Dear fellow believers: do not be afraid! Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is with us. He is mighty and powerful. The church is his body. He will not allow his body to go astray.  While he once suffered, was crucified and died for us, he has risen from the dead and is now with us. We are under his mighty wings.  We have a bright tomorrow, for the battle is the Lord’s. Trust Him and look to Him. He will do everything, turn everything around, for His good and for the good of His people. Amen!


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Royal Family members believe in Jesus, now face death threats and prison

Report: Bibles for Mideast

Please pray for new believers in a ruling family of a country Bibles for Mideast has been making major Gospel inroads in. One family member was sentenced to death, and another, a supporter of evangelism, has been sent to prison.

prison reading bible between bars.jpg

The man with the death sentence had been accused of a serious crime years ago. He confessed to it (and all his other sins!) and invited Jesus to take over his life. When asked by officials to renounce his new-found faith, he not only refused but persisted in encouraging the evangelistic efforts of others.

The court ultimately ordered his execution, ostensibly for the earlier crime but more obviously for the ‘hidden crime’ of conversion.

Another member of the same family has recently been imprisoned. Several others have died for their faith, and many face persistent death threats.

While Bibles for Mideast occasionally puts itself in danger by publishing such stories, we can no longer hide the truth. The blood of Jesus is the seed of the church. We believe for and can see—in the near future and by God’s grace—a new, faithful Christian land where this family lives.

Pontius Pilot ordered the crucifixion of Jesus, though he could find no fault in Him. Pilate feared the crowd, the Jewish rulers, losing his friendship with Caesar, and weakening his own authority. We can and will not do the same.

Please pray for this family and others sharing their faith in dangerous places. Bibles for Mideast, its ministers, believers and all other Christian missions involved in evangelism in the region need and appreciate your prayer support.