Wonder how the Face of God looks?

Have you ever wondered what the face of God looks like? Have you ever thought what you would say to Him? What you would do in His presence?

I lay awake one night and began to think about what I would do. As I was praising Him, I kept thinking about other things. I wanted more, I wanted something more personal. Do I dare?

To start, I am a Christian. I have God’s only Son, Jesus Christ, first in my life. Then, thinking I was in heaven, I could hear chanting.

"Holy is the Lord God Almighty. Who was, and is and is forever more’’. At first, I can’t see a thing. I can only hear the chanting. It is beautiful. You can’t describe it. You can just say it is the most beautiful and wonderful sound you have ever heard.


I listen for a time and realize that there is no darkness, only light. I could see! The light is not blinding, but a pure light. A light that gives you a sense of warmth and peace. You feel drawn to the light but there is no source. There is only the warm, soothing pure light. A light with no beginning, it is everywhere and everlasting!

Something touched me as I was enjoying the presence of everything. I heard a voice say, ‘’ Come with me, I want to show you something’’.

I could now see, hear and feel. Everything was so wonderful, what more could there be? As I looked, I saw my life before me. The good things, the bad things and the missed blessings I could have had. For the first time there was sorrow in me. The sorrow was for me, and those I should have tried to witnessed to. I had the realizations that I may not have lead someone to know Jesus as I did, to know Jesus as their personal Savior. There was such sorrow in my soul. I thought I could have done more and could have done it better.

At once, I was at the foot of the most splendid individual you could envision. The experience and feeling was far beyond any explanation. I was happy to stay there. There were twenty-four saints seated with Him. I believed they were the leaders of the twelve tribes of the Jews and the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ. There were angels going to and from the twenty-four with reports and tasks to do.

The twenty-four saints were continually praising God the Father, the Creator, the Almighty.

I felt a touch. A warm, gentle touch. It was Jesus, my Savior, my Lord and Kinsmen-Redeemer, The Prince of Peace. He is my Shepherd. I remembered His words that He would remain at the right hand of God the Father. His elect will be with Him forever.

Jesus said, “Cover your face for now. There is much to do. I need saints who will be willing to give their all, even their life to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.’’ Again I became sad for those who have and will lose their lives to spread the Gospel to lost souls who are following the deceiver, Satan.

I heard Jesus talk to the Father but could not understand what was said. Jesus said to me, ‘’Come here, I want you to meet the Father.’’

As I kept my head down, not wanting to look up, I felt myself weak and falling to my knees. I heard Jesus introduce me to the Father as His good and faithful servant. It was an introduction, but really I felt so unworthy of it.

I kept thinking the only reason I was there is because of the willingness of His Son to redeem me from Satan’s hold on me. Mankind is so unworthy. I am so undeserving. God is so caring. He didn’t need to do this for me.

I found myself chanting, "Worthy is the Kinsmen-Redeemer of the world. All praise and honor is to be given to Him and the Father.’’ I kept saying it over and over.

An angel came over to me and stood between the Father and me. He told me to look up. As I looked up, I could see the outline of Glory. The silhouette of the angel only just dimmed the brightness and warmth of the light of the face of God.

How does the face of God look? His face is greater than the best you could ever describe here on earth. If you could come into the physical presence of the Father and see Him, you would want to stay there and worship Him forever.

Please pray with me.

"Give us the strength, dear Heavenly Father, to endure the temptations of this world. Keep Your saints safe. Empower us with the Holy Spirit to be witnesses around the globe till the day of the return of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen !"

Muslim father kills daughter; Jesus raises her from the dead

Report: Ramza, for Bibles for Mideast

I was born in an orthodox and fanatic Muslim family in the Muslim month of Ramzan [also known as RamadanEd.] in a Middle Eastern Kingdom. So my parents named me Ramza. Now I have been born again by accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior, and have become a citizen of the Kingdom of God.

I was a religious girl from my childhood. I was always at the front of the line for Islamic practices such as reciting the Koran, doing namaz [prayer] five times a day, and fasting in the month of Ramzan. I also always kept the tradition of wearing the ‘abaya’ with full head and face covering. [Typically black, the abaya is constructed like a loose robe or caftan and covers everything but the face, hands and feet—Ed.]

My family is a big one, with a father, three mothers and thirteen children including myself. My father has a huge income from several trading and contracting agencies, being their local Arab sponsor.

One of my friends who studied with me in school tried to convey to me the message of Jesus Christ, who was crucified, died and, she said, resurrected. She was the daughter of a pastor ministering with Bibles for Mideast, and gave me a gospel tract. But I never accepted her message and arguments.

After my school education, my father wanted to get me married to an old and rich man who already had three wives and several children. I would have been younger than his youngest child.

One evening, I went to meet my father in his room, where he was talking with one of my step mothers. I pleaded with them not to arrange my marriage now, but send me for further studies. My father denied my request. I argued with him, for I simply could not imagine such a marriage. He refused to listen, so I finally announced I would leave home before the marriage.

My father, enraged, grabbed a chair and hit me over the head with its legs. The blows cracked open my skull, and he and my stepmother were certain I’d been killed.

This seemed to waken their criminal minds. Hiding my death from others, they put my body into a plastic bag, tied it up, and drove a long distance by car through the desert and all the way to a deep well in the middle of a date plantation. The well had no water. (Other family members may well have thought I’d left home because of the marriage plans.)

When they threw my body down the waterless well, I felt my soul going through a terrible darkness to hell. I thirsted deeply for even a drop of water. Yet I knew my soul desired not earthly water, but the Water of Life. I then saw the gospel my school friend had given me in front of me, and it consoled me some. When I tried to grab hold of it, it seemed out of reach.  Still though, it somehow led me to an amazing experience.

A strong, healthy and beautiful man stood inside the well. He caught the sack holding my dead body, untied it, and began rubbing my head and body. I opened my eyes like waking up from a dream. I saw nail marks in His hands.  He was my Lord Jesus. He then carried me up and out of the well.  He said to me, “I am the resurrection and the life; whoever believes in me, though dead, will live” (John 11:25).

Lying prostrate before Him, I said with tears of joy, “Lord Jesus, you are my Lord and Savior! You were crucified and you died for me. You are risen indeed. I am yours. I believe in you.”

When I raised my head to look at Him, He had disappeared.

I didn’t know what to do. But I was so happy. I praised and thanked my Lord Jesus. Within a few minutes, a husband and wife from Bibles for Mideast came to me. They introduced themselves as Christians, and explained that Jesus had guided them to me. I shared my experiences with them. They gave me a bible and brought me to a house where five women laborers of an agricultural and cattle farm stay together.

women working on farm2.jpg

They are all born again, and I now live with them.  They teach me more about the Word of God and we worship Jesus together in our house church. I also work with them on the farm as well as in ministry for the Lord. I don’t want go back to my parents unless they accept the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please pray for my family members and all the people of the Middle East to be saved.