Heavenly dust storm protects newly-baptized from militant gunfire

Report: Bibles for Mideast

October 2, 2016: Some 50 Christians in the Middle East directly experienced the mighty protection of the Lord Jesus today at a water baptismal service in the Arabian Sea. Following three days of fasting and prayer and by God’s ever-loving grace, Bibles for Mideast officiated at the baptism of 24 new converts from Islam.

In spite of the area being unsafe to practice Christianity openly, the new believers themselves requested the service.

“When gentiles received the gift of the Holy Spirit, the Apostle Peter asked the disciples how any could forbid them being baptized,” reflected Pastor Paul, Director of Bibles for Mideast. [Acts 10:47]  “So we together prayed with fasting and obeyed the great commission of the Lord to the baptismal candidates.”

“About 50 people, including the baptism candidates, attended the service,” explained newly-baptized Rizwan. “We all went by a bus. After the service and prayers, we entered the bus to return back in our house church for the worship service and the Lord’s Supper.” Every effort had been made to keep the service secret.

“Maybe it was their plan to kill us in the sea during the baptism service,” Rizwan wondered. “But somehow we finished earlier [than planned] and tried to return back.”

A small convoy of militants suddenly appeared behind the bus and opened fire. All they knew to do was pray to the Lord for protection as they sped away, the gunmen in hot pursuit.

When a massive dust storm formed behind them, they now feared being trapped in the dark, churning grime and becoming easy prey for their pursuers. 

Then, just as suddenly, Jesus materialized in the storm clouds and dust.

“He appeared as a mighty and wonderful man showing his protecting and lovely hands towards us with a sweet smile,’ exulted Rizwan. “Jesus saved us! He himself blocked the road of militants in the form of a dust storm.”

The gunfire slowed and stopped, enabling the bus to drive safely back to the church.

Once again we praise and thank our Lord Jesus Christ for showing His love and care towards His children. Thank You and praise You Lord.


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