Snake Goddess Transforms Tongue of the Word of God


Picture above: Girl feeding snake held sacred.


She is known as “Nagamma” which means snake mother. She was a well known sorcerer of her native in South Asia. People in the community used to worship her as a snake goddess, brought her offerings, and prostrated themselves before her. But a powerful encounter with Jesus in a dream turned her away from black magic to follow the living, true God.  Now her name is Maria (Mary).

Here is her own words, "My father was a wizard of leadership among our people. He practiced black magic. My family is part of the Hindu Dalit class on the lowest rung of the society, sometimes known as untouchable.

I loved many idols and practiced witchcraft under the direction of my father. The Snakes were my favorite gods. As a child I fed the local snakes, carrying milk to the edge of their snake holes.

We had many idols of serpents in a special temple dedicated to snakes in my community. They were located under a fig tree.

snake  snake1

Pictures:  Worshiping snake gods.

When I was 12 years old, a snake raised its head and bit me as I tried to feed it with milk. My parents took me to the local doctor (not a medical practitioner), but he was not fully able to remove the poison of the serpent from my body.

After three days my condition has improved, but the unusual side effects remained. I had a total change in my body and mind. My color has also changed as blue. I started acting like a snake. I always wanted to stay and sit in the temple of snakes. Then my people regarded me as the goddess snake. My father was the one who first announced that I was the snake goddess.

People in the surrounding area began to bring milk, fruits and flowers for me as offerings and fell down before me on the floor. They wanted to get a touch with my pretense of being blessed. They even gave their money offers.

As word spread about the goddess snake became famous throughout the region.

I asked if I could visit their homes. They asked their black magic spells to bring blessings on them and destroying their enemies. My parents made money with it.

Some missionaries of Bibles for Mideast ( have biblical brochures for our family and talked about Jesus Christ, but my father confronted the men telling them that I was a goddess and they should follow me, instead of Jesus.

In the year 2013 I perform black magic in the house of a family with a small child, when something unusual happened. Satan instructed me that there was a golden treasure in that house and I should sacrifice the child of less than three months old to find the treasure.

However, there followed a spiritual battle for the life of that child. As the supernatural war raged around her, suddenly it became troubled and I was very perturbed. I could not complete the black magic then out of that house.

When I sleep at night I had a remarkable dream.

A white and handsome man came to me and sat beside me. I noticed my room filled with full of light and no darkness at all. The man showed me his hands. His hands were with brands as if they were injured by nails, bearing the marks of crucifixion.

He told me: “My daughter, you are dear to me. I am your Lord and God. I give the treasure of peace and eternal life. I am the door”. He continued, “Those who come to me will be saved; they will go in and out and will find pasture. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I have come that you might have life -. Life in all its fullness”.

Nagamma recognized the man in her dream as Jesus Christ! Overwhelmed with emotion, she knelt before Him and accepted Him as her personal Savior and Lord.


Picture: Nagamma, now called Maria (left) receiving the Bible.

In the days that followed, I changed my heart led to bold actions. I myself broke all the idols and temple of snakes. My parents and those who believed in me did not like it. They told me I was mad. They tied me to a tree and beat me. Many other persecutions I faced. But I did not lose my faith in Jesus and wanted to enter into the fold of Jesus Christ through baptism”..

Nagamma personally requested Pastor Paul of Bibles for Mideast and his gospel team for the baptism.  She herself chosen a new name “Maria” as her baptismal name. The Lord has anointed her by the Holy Spirit. Her family, her parents and brothers now believing Jesus Christ and they made a prayer tent for worshiping Jesus Christ at the same place where they were having serpent’s temple.  He is using her as a good weapon for the salvation of many people in their region through “Bibles for Mideast”.