Suicide Bomb Kills Six in Lebanese Christian Village

Report: Bibles for Mideast Beirut: Multiple suicide bomb blasts killed six people in a Christian village of Al-Qaa in Lebanon on Monday, 27 Jun, 2016 early morning. One of the missionaries of the Bibles for Mideast reports.

Other 18 were wounded including three Lebenese soldiers stationed in the place. Some are in critical condition.

"There were more than one suicide bombers. The first attacker knocked on one of the homes in the village, but after the resident became suspicious, he blew himself up,” missionary said.

“The blasts struck at 15 minute intervals. People began gathering to treat the wounded at the site, the other suicide attackers detonated their own explosives.” He added.

Al-Qaa is one of Lebenese customs border posts, separating Lebanon and war-torn Syria. It is, a predominantly Christian village.

"The attackers had a plan to destroy the whole Christian village. But our Lord Jesus Christ protected them," missionary told.

The border area has been rocked by clashes and shelling since Syria’s conflict erupted in 2011.

Lebanon has seen its share of terror attacks ever since the civil war in Syria broke out five years ago. The army has fought off jihadist factions along the frontier and has sought to clamp down on local cells operating in the area.

In August 2014, the army clashed with the Islamic State group and Al-Nusra Front, Al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria, in the border town of Arsal.

As they withdrew, IS and Al-Nusra kidnapped 30 Lebanese soldiers and policemen, 16 of whom were released after nearly 18 months of negotiations.