Incredible Miracle of a Girl  made Terrorist's Conversion

hand Sofi* (name is not real for security reasons) is the daughter of Pastor Paul, a former Muslim, presently doing Lord’s ministries.

When Sofi was 12 years old, one day she  came back home from the school with severe vomiting. Her brothers also were vomiting. They all were admitted in the hospital. Doctors said it was the cause of some food adulteration.

Later family found out that when they were coming back home from the school, a middle-aged woman supplied them chocolates.

Children used to travel to the school by a public transport bus.  The bus was thick with travellers and other students. The  woman was sitting on a seat. As soon as she saw Sofi and her brothers she smiled at them, called them by name and made arrangement for her to sit by her side. Boys also stood by her.

On the way she inquired about their parents as a well-wisher. She said to the children that she is one of the prayer partners of Pastor Paul’s mission. When the children were out of time to getting down from the bus she supplied them chocolates as a token of love. She herself took out the rapper of the chocolates and compelled them to eat. Children were very fond of chocolates. They were happy to get it.

As soon as they got down from the bus, younger boy began to vomit, suddenly the older one too; then Sofi. They lost their chocolates when they vomited. Somebody went on the way saw this and they brought them home soon. By the time the younger one got fainted. Immediately they were taken to the hospital.

Doctors found poison in their saliva and gave the exact treatment in time. Doctors said, “There would not have any hope, if you were late two or three minutes to reach the children in the hospital”.

Relatives and friends of Pastor Paul searched the woman who gave children chocolates. But nobody got any idea about her.

Next day Sofi’s  condition became serious. She was unable to breathe properly. She wanted to talk; but could not. She was loosing her memory power. Doctors said poison might have affected her lungs and brain.

By this time boys recovered from critical situation.

But Sofi’s condition worsened and she went into coma stage. She was unconscious about 30 hours. Family and church knelt down before the Lord with full of tears, claiming God’s promises and asking Him for a miracle.

When they were praying around her bed at about One O’ Clock midnight,  they saw Sofis face became very bright. Though her eyes were closed, but she smiled with full of Joy. Quickly she lifted her hands up and was trying to catch something. Everybody thought  she was departing from this world. They cried aloud. Pastor Paul  tried to control himself; but couldn’t. Doctors and nurses who were on duty rushed into the room.

Doctor was attempting to check her pulse.

But before he was checking the pulse Sofi automatically got up from the bed. Her hands were up. Everyone who were there clearly felt that she was holding something in the space. She was calling “YESHU APPACHAA…., YESHU APPACHAA….” in her mother tongue. (Yeshu=Jesus; Appacha=Abba Father (means "Abba  Jesus"). Then she opened her eyes. She looked into her hands with an amazement, then looked up to the space, again to the hands and fingering a point, said: “AVIDE ENTAY YESHU APPACHAN!” (there is my Father Jesus).

Her mother hold her hands and called her by name. Without any problem she recognized everybody. She realized that she was in the hospital.

She wanted to eat something. So doctor checked her thoroughly and asked us to feed her something light. She was having little temperature. Doctor prescribed a tablet and she had it. Before she went to the bed we praised our Lord together. Sofi also praised the Lord and prayed with a new power.

There was a certain man named Rashid, who was standing in the verandah with two others watching all these happening at Sofi’s room. He was the commander of a fanatical group that sought to convert everyone to Islam and make all nations fall under Islamic rule.

Rashid’s wing developed a plan to destroy Pastor Paul’s family and appointed a woman to give his children poisonous chocolates. They thought the children would die, at least the girl Sofi.

Their plan was to kidnap the dead body along with pastor’s family in an ambulance and kill them.

But he saw a ball of light came down from the sky and stood over the room where Sofi was lying unconscious. He saw a hand came out from the ball, touch the pastor’s daughter, and she immediately regained consciousness and stood up.

He was astonished to see a hole in the middle of the hand and that blood was flowing down. He trembled with fear and felt giddy and fell down. Two others who were with him moved me from there at once.

Rashid lost his peace. Lord Jesus Christ spoke to him through the Word of God and he accepted Lord Jesus Christ as his personal savior. Later he ordained as a pastor and serving Him through “Bibles for Mideast” along with his wife and children for establishing house churches in the entire Middle East.

Now Sofi also got married and has a child. She ia working as a teacher along with doing Lord’s ministries through “Bibles for Mideast”.