Missionaries and families wiped out in Central Asia

Report from http://bibles4mideast.com Some of the prayer warriors could be remembering this terrible story. It was happened some 10 years ago in Central Asia.

Dr. Mehaboob was born and brought up in a fanatic Muslim family. He accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior while he was doing research for the doctorate. He was 42 years old. He married a Christian woman named Paulin. They had four children.

At Any cost Jesus Mission established a millennium project for underground evangelization for Asia, Middle East and third world nations. Dr. Mehaboob was one of the founders of the mission. “Bibles for Mideast” is its follow up mission for distributing Bibles freely to the entire Middle East and establishing underground house churches.

The militants asked the family of Mehaboob to stop Christian ministries and convert back to Islam with the believers.

He and his family totally refused them and boldly said that Christ is our Savior and we will stand behind His shadow till the last breath of our life. He was beaten several times.

Around 15 to 20 people kidnapped his 15 year old son Shalom. They forcibly and roughly circumcised him. They used iron weights and rusty knives for the circumcision. Then they left the boy back home. He became sick, suffered too much pain, pus came out from penis and could not urinate for more than three days. The militants gave the warning that it was only an advance. Mehaboob approached the Police to file a case.

But the police did not register a case, and said that they would be charged against Mehaboob for attempting murder to his son. All the believers gathered in his house everyday and prayed. It made the militants angry.

Few days later, the whole family of Mehaboob was abducted. And the militants killed his son. Raped his 14 year old daughter Sharon and they cut one of her breasts. She too died.

Believers were beaten severely whenever they try to join for prayers. The police was supporting the militants.


Picture above:  Sharon and Shalom.

The militants left the dead bodies of Shalom and Sharon in a ditch along with a motorbike, poured the petrol and burnt them. The police said those are unidentified dead bodies. And made a false statement that it was an accident and the petrol tank of the bike was opened while they were fallen into the ditch and burnt by a spark.

Militants had a plan to give them a worst burial after exhibiting the dead bodies publicly in a savage way as Taliban model.


Picture above: Pastor Habel.

But Pastor Habel (30), who was the co-ordinator of the mission took initiative to move the dead bodies from the spot secretly and buried them in a honest way. Because of this reason militants burnt Habel’s house for killing him. But he and his family escaped.

Few days later, the dead body of Mehaboob was found in a jungle area. A week later, the body of Paulin was also found at the same place where her husband`s body was found.

The remaining two daughters of Mehaboob were missing. Till today there is no information about them.

There were many militant training camps over there. Huge amount of money reaching them from outside for their activities. A good amount was distributed among the local families. So the local people were highly supporting them. Many of the families compulsorily sending their children for the training at the militant camps.

Government became alert. Around 80 militants have been killed in an air strike by government forces on a madrassa (religious school) used as a militant training camp at that time.

Jan Mohamed (38), another missionary of the Mission shot dead by the militants next day. After Mondays air strike, militants simply alleged Jan as a US spy and killed. And they made a false statement that he was seen near the bombed madrassa, talking on a satellite phone after the attack. Also they put a note left on his body accusing him of espionage. "We had suspicions that he had been working for US forces and the attack to the Madrassa confirmed that he was a US spy".

A strong believer in Jesus Christ named Salahudeen (44) also beheaded on those days. His body was found in a drain with a note that he was also a US spy.

One of those days, a belt bomb killed around 40 people. Pastor Habel was their target. Because he was conducting a secret Bible class nearby the place the incident occured. But he changed the Bible class on that day. So Habel and the believers escaped from that tragedy on that day.

But following days Habel did not reach the Bible class and worship service. He found missing. Till today there is no news about him. His wife and two children dedicated their lives for spreading of the Gospel through bibles4midest.

The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church. Now there is underground house churches are being established by the “Bibles for Mideast” and a huge number of Muslims accepting Jesus Christ and gathering for worship  in the midst of persecutions.

Pray for the believers, ministers and ministries.