Five Days Fasting Prayer (March 21-25)

bibles4mideast1 Bibles for Middle East (  conducting five days fasting prayer on 21 to 25 March, 2016 (Monday to Friday) at one of our house churches (underground) in the  Middle East. We request all the children of God and prayer warriors around the globe in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ to join with us in this fasting prayer.

We request your prayers for ------

-- the mighty protection of persecuted Christians;

-- every Christian ministries around the globe;

-- the team of “Bibles for Mideast” for spreading the Word of God and establishing churches in the entire Middle East boldly (Pray for Lord’s protection and provision);

-- the salvation of Muslim world, especially in the Middle East (Every Muslim must be knowing the love of Jesus Christ and change their faith towards Jesus through accepting HIM as their personal Saviour);

-- the new believers and seekers from any religions or communities for strengthening their precious faith in Jesus Christ and also for their protection;

-- each and everyone who are praying and supporting our Lord’s ministry around the globe to be blessed abundantly with their families and generations. (Lord bless them with happiness of the Holy Spirit and with good health and wealth and all other blessings which they require).

Once again we request all the children of God to join with us in prayers with fasting on these days. (Those who are unable to have fasting, please pray for it at least three times per day). Our Lord Jesus suffered, crucified and died for us. He did ransom for many. And He has risen indeed. Of course, Jesus promised: “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it” (John 14: 13-14). PLEASE PRAY. IT WILL BE ANSWERED.

We offer our prayers for you too. Those who want to submit prayer requests, send it to the email id: Those prayer requests will be praying during our fasting prayers.

Kndly consider that bibles4mideast  is an underground ministry promoting Bibles and establishing house churches in a secret way. Approximately 500 million is the middle east population and we pray to our Lord to supply enough Bibles.