Distressing Reports from Mideast

Following incidents are reported just last and this week    1)  Nine-year-old girl ‘raped in open hall’, 2) Girl raped by ISIS burns her own face, 3) "Are women human beings?" Saudi academy asks, and 4) Boy of 16 beheaded for not appear friday prayers. Please pray for the people of Middle East. They must be experiencing the Salvation of Jesus Christ. The Word of God will change them. The Blood of Jesus Christ will purify them.

Ordinary people are thirsty for the Word of God. As an underground ministry, “bibles4mideast”, evangelizing Arabs and expats in the entire Mideast, distribute Bibles among them and establishing house churches. There are thousands of muslims accepting Jesus Christ. No doubt Jesus will destroy Satan and his army. JESUS will win the Middle East.  For His return is imminent.

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Nine-year-old girl ‘raped in open hall’

A nine-year-old girl living within Isis-held territories was openly raped in a hall where she was being detained alongside other women, it has been claimed.

Report appears in the wide-ranging analysis Children of the Islamic State, released by the London counter-extremism think-tank Quilliam, which has investigated how the terror group indoctrinates children.

One of the women described how she heard “screams of girls who had been taken to from the main hall” where she and others were detained. Another Isis fighter pointed a gun at young girl who had been resisting.

The women were then escorted from Mosul to a school in Tal Afar, a district in northwestern Iraq, where there were “more than 100 small children”. The report adds: “The second girl said she was raped in a hall where she was being detained with other women in Mosul after her abduction by IS. She said the guards raped her three times a day for three days.

“According to her account, she also saw an eight or nine-year old girl being raped openly in the hall. IS then moved her and other women and girls to an abandoned school in Tal Afar.”

Girl raped by ISIS burns her own face

A CHILD victim of ISIS rapists burned her own face off so the depraved death cult predators would find her too repulsive to sexually assault.

The traumatised girl decided she had no other choice but to disfigure herself after the twisted terrorists sold her as a slave eight times during the 10 months she was held hostage.

She was raped hundreds of times before she escaped to a refugee camp.

After being freed she was plagued with horrific nightmares about ISIS rapists lurking outside her tent ready to pounce.

Waking up one night from one of these dreams, the panic stricken teen doused herself in petrol before torching herself in a bid to become "too ugly to be assaulted again".

Dr Jan Ihan Kizilhan, a German medic who met the girl in the refugee camp, said: "She had no nose, no ears left.

"This is one of those cases I'll always have on my mind."

Dr Kizilhan had the girl flown to Germany immediately, fearing she might not survive because she had suffered 80% burns to her body and was in unimaginable pain.

She remains in hospital there.

But after more than a dozen agonising operations she still needs 30 more types of skin and bone surgery.

Nearly 3,500 Yazidi women and girls are still being held in northern Iraq and Syria by ISIS as sex slaves.


"Are women human beings?" Saudi academy asks


Picture above:  Poster of the Seminar by Saudi Academy.

As unbelievable as it may be, this is not a hoax, this is a real poster of a real seminar organized by the 'Saudi academy for training and consulting' on the theme: "are women human beings?"

This academy doesn’t seem to be an official Saudi institution or have any link to the Saudi government. Nonetheless, no seminars or lectures can be held in Saudi Arabia without prior approval of the authorities.

So one can easily guess that this “are women human beings?” seminar was officially sanctioned.

Shortly after the poster was published online, the hashtag هل_المراه_انسان# ("are women human beings" in Arabic) started trending throughout the Arab world.

A few hours later, the “academy” published a statement on its Facebook page announcing the cancelation of the seminar (who said social media was useless?)

On the other hand, Saudi activist and media personality Ahmad Al Shugairi has provocatively asked the same question a fews years ago in a video denouncing forced marriages, domestic violence and women's abuse in Saudi society.


Boy of 16 beheaded for not appear friday prayers


A 16 year old boy was beheaded by the notorious fundamentalist organization Islamic State for not attending mandatory Friday prayer services in the border town of Jarabulus, Syria, the Kurdish News Agency reported Sunday.

The boy was arrested last Saturday by the organization's secret police services after he was discovered hiding out at a relatives house near the Turkish-Syrian border.

"The boy who was arrested was charged with heresy, the most serious charge in the ISIS legal system," Nasar Taljabini, a resident of Jarabulus, told the Kurdish news outlet.

Taljabini added that the boy "was given a short trial that lasted only a few minutes, and was then led away to the town square where he was beheaded in front of a large audience who had gathered to watch the execution."

ISIS captured the city back in 2014 when it conquered large parts of northern Syria including areas that straddle the Turkish border and the Euphrates River.

"Before his execution, a representative of the Sharia court for ISIS came over a loudspeaker and read out the verdict. He then vowed that if anyone else miss any prayer services, they too would suffer the same fate," Taljabini noted.

Just hours before the brutal execution in Jarabulus took place, the Islamic State's so-called 'Caucasus Province' affiliate called on Russian Muslims to "kill apostates in Russia," vowing to attack President Vladimir Putin and implement Sharia in the country.