Jesus Cast Out Satan from Muslim Girl, She was Healed and Her Family Believed

muslim-women Report:

Zaina, 20 years old Muslim girl from the Middle East.  She was suffering from heavy bleeding since last three years.

She consulted a Gynecologist. Doctor advised her for ultrasonography. She has done ultrasonography and doctor said that according ultrasonography there are several cysts in both of her ovaries. Therefore, Doctor advised her for hysterectomy. Since she is unmarried her parents were not willing for the hysterectomy and also at the same time they can't afford to pay the expenses for hysterectomy.

She is from an ordinary family and her father is working in a shopping mall.

Few weeks ago, Zaina met a woman evangelist from Bibles for Mideast ( Evangelist made friendship with her and became a regular visitor of her house.  Zaina’s mother, sisters and brothers liked her behavior and way of dealing.

Woman evangelist reported regularly to the headquarters about Zaina and her family and all of the gospel teams of Bibles for Mideast were praying for their salvation.

Slowly evangelist conveyed the gospel of Jesus Christ to them. But Zaina’s family was trying to convert the evangelist as a Muslim by telling about the Koran and Hadith.

One day the evangelist with two other fellow evangelists gone to see them with fasting prayer and shared the story about the woman who was having an issue of blood for twelve years and came behind Jesus and touched the border of His garment and immediately her issue of blood stanched. And told them that Jesus Christ is able to heal Zaina from the issue of blood if they believe in Him as savior and Lord.

The gospel teams of Bibles for Mideast were also fasting and praying for them on that day.

Zaina’s mother could not accept what the evangelists told for accepting Jesus. But Zaina asked them to pray for her. Zaina’s brothers and sisters kept quiet without any arguments.

While the evangelists prayed over Zaina, she became possessed and was screaming like a wild creature. She pushed the evangelists and told them not sending out from Zaina’s body and from that house.

Evangelists asked, “who you are and why you’re here?”

“A slave from Satan. Taking this family to the hell and destroy their generations!”, possessed Zaina told.

Evangelists told that Jesus Christ bruised the head of Satan by crucifixion on the Cross of Calvary and risen from the dead. Now Satan and his slaves are reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of our Lord’s great day. Zaina and family belongs to the Lord and heaven. Go away from here. Evangelists cast Satan out from Zaina in Jesus’ Name.

Zaina became unconscious and fallen down.

Evangelists prayed over her and she awoke with praising the Lord. She was very happy to tell them that Jesus came to her and healed her. She said that she is accepting Lord Jesus as her personal Savior.

At the same spot her sisters and brothers also accepted Lord Jesus. They convinced their mother and she too accepted Lord Jesus Christ.

Now very secretly they are all attending the worship services in an underground church with full of joy.